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1 EUR = 1.0787 USD

ECB exchange rate: 1 EUR = 1.0949 USD

WHEN? Same day* *Payment before 2 PM

There is a transfer fee for cross-border payments. Pricing

Where to start

First, you will need a bank account at You can open it easily and quickly online. You will be able to make worldwide payments using your online banking or an application programming interface (API). All related fees can be found here. may offer to its clients:

  • Local payments in Lithuania
  • International worldwide transfers (SEPA and SWIFT payments)
  • Currency exchange operations
  • Convenient management of operations through online banking or API
  • individual attention and consulting

If you want to use these services safely and comfortably, open an account at right now. It is so simple!

Make fast European money transfers (SEPA)

When using the services of, you may choose the most optimal method to initiate SEPA payments: to initiate single payments, upload a bigger number of payments by file, or make payment orders using the application programming interface (API).

If the payment order is made before 4 pm, the funds usually enter the recipient’s account on the same business day.

The European money transfers may be done in euro to any financial institution in Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or a member state of the European Union that is connected to SEPA payment system.

Make worldwide payments (SWIFT)

With a bank account, you can make payments worldwide. In addition to the European money transfers, you may transfer euros from and to your account at anywhere in the world. Besides, you may initiate payments in other currencies - AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, GBP, NOK, PLN, SEK and USD

You may convert euros to any other currency in your account or convert other currency into euros and make payments in the chosen currency at any time.

The currency calculator provides information on the exchange rate, preliminary terms for receipt of funds, and other payment-related information.

Make your finances more flexible. The currency is exchanged without any additional fees, and we update the exchange rates at least once an hour.

Security and money protection is an EU licensed bank that is registered in Lithuania and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, with a distinct focus on the security of your funds. We have created a convenient self-service system and connected into safe international payment systems SWIFT, SEPA, and TARGET2. We continue to improve our services so that it would be as easy as possible for our clients to perform any operations in euro and other currencies.

Secure usage of the banking services is also up to you, we remind you of the basic rules:

  • Never disclose your online banking user ID, online banking, Smart-ID, mobile e-signature passwords to anyone. Our employees never ask for such details, they usually are asked for by financial fraudsters and you should not disclose it to them when talking by phone, sending SMS, email or by other means.
  • Do not click on any links received via email, chat apps, or SMS messages, or follow requests to enter or dictate your online banking credentials.
  • Read the address of the web link you receive carefully – fraudsters will often create an almost identical online banking login page, but the web address will always differ from the real one by at least one letter or symbol.

If you have additional questions, please contact us!

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