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Summary of 2021 third quarter results

4 300

103.98 M
total assets

45.18 M
loan portfolio

8.34 M
shareholders equity

14.63 %
total capital ratio

168.85 %

Financial transparency

Our financial results speak for themselves. You can find our financial statements here.

Ensuring security and building trust

We take all the measures to ensure security and protection of our customers' funds and private banking data. Find out more here.

We've come a long way before banking licence

It's not every day that the first specialised bank in the EU is born. Our journey to become a bank started in 2008 when we acquired a small credit union from Rieskiai and moved it to Vilnius. Find out more about our journey, our people and what we are all about here.

So much more is coming soon

We were born in an age of neo banking and mobile technologies. So, we've built our banking products on robust and flexible technology that allows quick and easy banking for our customers and effective product launches for us.

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