Mortgage loan

Ilgalaikė paskola |
  • Multipurpose secured loan

  • Up to 85% of the pledged property value*

  • Return in 30 years*

  • Interest from 4%

  • Option to repay early with no charges

  • Use for anything from a house to scaling your business

  • Currently available in Lithuania only

*term depends on the purpose of the loan and company's revenue

I hereby give my consent to the Bank to collect my personal data, including data pertaining to performed financial transactions, information about my use of the Bank’s products and services and my creditworthiness, and to process/use the said data when making me custom-tailored individual offers to use the Bank’s services.

Should I choose to be remotely identified by the Bank, I hereby give my consent to the Bank to collect and process my biometric data, viz. the facial image.

I hereby confirm that:
  • I am aware that the Bank is entitled to refuse to grant a credit should I fail to provide all requested information;
  • I am not insolvent as defined by the Law on Personal Bankruptcy of the Republic of Lithuania; bankruptcy proceedings are not and have not been instituted against me; I have not notified creditors about my intention to request the court to open bankruptcy proceedings, and I have not petitioned the court to open bankruptcy proceedings;
  • I am informed that after the Bank makes the decision, standard information about a consumer credit and/or credit limits shall be provided at the place where the application has been submitted or in another customer service unit of the Bank;
  • Information provided in the credit application is true and correct, and I hereby undertake to promptly notify the Bank in writing about any changes of the provided information. I hereby undertake to use the Bank’s services only for legitimate purposes, and I understand that, should information provided in the credit application be found to be false or incorrect, the Bank shall be entitled to notify law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • I hereby confirm that I have no financial obligations other than stated in the credit application;
  • I am familiar with the Bank service and transaction fees and I agree with them;
  • I am informed that the credit application shall not be released to the applicant and shall be held by the Bank;
  • I am informed that, pursuant to Article 6(1)(b) (‘(b) processing is necessary for the performance of a contract <...> or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract’) and 6(1)(c) (‘(c) processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject’) of General Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679, the Bank shall submit inquiries and shall receive and process my personal data, also exchange them and use them for the following purpose:
    ◦ Provision of the Bank’s financial services;
    ◦ Assessment and mitigation of risks in transactions with customers;
    ◦ Implementation of marketing measures to attract customers (provided that consent has been given);
    ◦ Provision of existing customers with information about the Bank’s products;
    ◦ Business and administrative activities.
  • I am informed that the Bank may collect and process data from other legitimate sources to the extent required to meet the aforesaid purposes and with due consideration to the characteristics of provided products/services and associated risks:
    ◦ From other financial institutions (for instance, other banks operating in Lithuania);
    ◦ From various public authorities and registers (for instance, the Bank of Lithuania, the Ministry of Finance, the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service, Statistics Lithuania, the State Social Insurance Fund Board, the National Health Insurance Fund, the National Paying Agency, the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, the State Enterprise Regitra, law enforcement authorities, other registers and public authorities);
    ◦ From entities administering consolidated debtor data files (for instance, UAB Creditinfo Lietuva);
    ◦ From legal entities to which you are related in any manner (for instance, as a representative, employee, contractor, founder, shareholder, participant, etc. of the said legal entities);
    ◦ From other natural persons (for instance, when they provide data of their spouses, children, other persons related by family or marriage, as well as co-debtors, guarantors, providers of collaterals and other persons);
    ◦ From other natural persons or legal entities in the process of fulfilling contractual or legal requirements and documents provided to us (for instance, information in property valuation reports, certificates, etc.);
    ◦ From its partners or other legal entities, which use the Bank to provide services to you.
  • I am informed that, should I choose to be remotely identified by the Bank, the Bank shall identify me based on my facial image (a photograph or a video recording) and biometric data resulting from technical processing of the facial image, i.e. my facial image shall be processed by using special software and the obtained result (biometric data) shall be used for identification purposes.
In the process of our operations, we may combine the available information about you that is obtained from different sources.
  • I am informed about my right of access to my personal data processed by the Bank and the right to know how they are being processed; also, the right to request rectification or destruction of my personal data, or suspension of any further processing of my personal data, where data are processed in violation to legal acts, or to object to the processing of my personal data, where data are processed based on a consent;
  • I am informed that the Bank may automatically process my personal data when making a decision regarding the granting of a consumer credit and/or credit limits, and that I am entitled to object to being subject to a decision based on automated processing of personal data;
  • I am aware that I may exercise my rights of a data subject and lodge a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate at A. Juozapavičiaus g. 6, 09310 Vilnius,;
  • I am informed that, should the Bank fail to provide a financial service to me, my submitted application shall be destroyed and my personal data shall not be stored; however, the form of information on data processing signed by me shall be stored for the period prescribed by legal acts;
  • I am informed that the Bank’s principles relating to personal data processing are available at and/or under Personal Data Protection.

Secured loans and mortgages

There are many reasons why you might need to borrow using real estate as a collateral. From buying a house or expensive car to setting up or scaling your business. This loan is not only a mortgage. offers long-term secured loans to private customers who need to borrow more than €15 000 for various reasons, including running a small business.
Concentrate on things that are important to you at this stage and leave the worry of financing them to us!

No hustle

You have plenty of things to worry about, leave financing of your goals to us:

  • Fill out a quick enquiry form
  • Provide necessary documents
  • Get a loan offer in 24 hours
  • Sign a contract
  • Use the money in 24 hours after completing contract conditions

Simple requirements

All we need is 4 simple documents:

  • Credit application,
  • Passport or national identity card,
  • Consent for data verification,
  • Real estate valuation.

Loan amount is based on the value of pledged real estate and your income.
Loan term is based on the reason for borrowing and your income.

Don't borrow more than you need

Long-term loan is a very serious and responsible decision. Before you do, consider:

  • Do I need to borrow for the full purchase?
  • Could I easily save up for a portion of the purchase?
  • Can I afford monthly instalments without considerable effect on my wellbeing?
  • Are my circumstances likely to change?

If you would like advice, apply for a loan and one of our experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours.