Security at

In 21st century a "Bank" has become synonym with trust and security. Below we look at 3 different layers that make a secure and trustworthy place for your money.

Licence and regulation


There is no easy way to get a bank license. It took us 18 years of persistent and impeccable work to prepare and 2 more for the application process before we were rewarded with the specialised bank license.


Detailed information on deposit insurance terms and conditions, when deposits are not insured and restrictions on payment of deposit insurance benefits are applied, is available on the website of SE “Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas”


Banking is one of the top 5 most regulated industries worldwide. In addition to regular periodic internal audits, we are also audited by independent audit firms and overseen by the Bank of Lithuania and the European Central Bank. We assure you that your funds and personal data protection are in good hands.

Procedures and infrastructure

Sensitive payment data is secured with end-to-end encryption. Widely recognised encryption techniques (SSL/TLS certificates) and Extended Validation (EV) are applied throughout the respective communication session. WAF checks are performed on the entire data flow before it enters the system.

External and internal firewalls are applied across the system and separate infrastructure components. All data stored in the core banking system is hardware-encrypted.

Dedicated compliance and AML teams ensure full compliance with the laws and regulations of Lithuanian and the European Union.

Extra layer

Two-factor authentication with password and biometric login.

Real time notifications about each transaction and full control over settings.

For enhanced security we have migrated to .BANK domain which is only available to certified banks so you can be sure that all communication you receive comes directly from us.