Make your money work

Interest rate: 0.5%

Interest sum: 250,00 €

Total amount at the end of deposit term: 10 250,00 €

NOTE: a Lithuanian mobile signature is required in order to log in to your internet bank. You can have a deposit with us without a mobile signature, however you will not be able to log in and view your deposit information.

Up to 0.5% interest, more details

Any term, from 1 to 5 years

Deposit insurance terms

Term deposits at offers one of the highest interests on term deposits in the banking sector. Choose a term between 1 year and 5 years with up to 0.5% interest. See interest per specific term here.

Security and money protection

We are a licensed bank and we are committed to the security of your money. At the system level, all infrastructure and its individual elements are protected by internal and external firewalls, and payment data is encrypted to the highest security standards.

Operational-level security is ensured by dedicated in-house teams, constantly audited by our external partners.

Online deposits

Apply and conveniently manage your deposit by logging in to’s online banking. Apply for a term deposit today!

Maximise cash flow

Business term deposit is an extremely low-risk investment option. Earning interest on the extra capital allows to maximise cash flow and guarantees security.

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