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Signing the bank account contract is literally a click of a button! No more tedious questionnaires, printing and scanning documents and your bank account will be ready in 1-2 business days.

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Easy access to money

Prieinamos verslo paskolos |

Expanding your business or need extra working capital? We fund entrepreneurs who are well versed in their field and have clear business ideas as well as teams to deliver those ideas.

One of the highest interest rates on term deposits

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Our interest rates on term deposits are one of the highest amongst banks. Earning interest on the extra capital allows to maximise cash flow and guarantees security.

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We’re here to serve your needs

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Latest News


The loan portfolio of Mano Bankas reached 94.3 million euro

The net profit increased by 146 percent and amounted to 3.2 million eur.

2023 November 28

Mano Bank has reinforced its Board with two new members

Two new members joined the Board of Mano Bank - Giedrė Blazgienė, CEO and Andrius Popovas, CRO..

2023 November 15

Working hours and bank transfers on 1-2 November

On 1-2 November the payments will be performed as usual.

2023 October 26

Processing payments to Ukraine

Payments related to the occupied regions of Ukraine will not be processed.

2023 August 16

About us

Mano Bank is a financial power bank for business, and we work in this area with deep attention and a personal attitude. With quality and expertise, we aim to become a private bank for your business. Clients call our experts by name, have their direct contact details and know that we will do everything to address any issue most efficiently and in the shortest time possible.

By recognizing each company's distinctiveness, we easily adapt to it. Businesses want measurable outcomes, effective procedures, and professional service, therefore these three factors are our bank's top priority.

Being the first bank in Lithuania to receive a specialized banking license in January 2019, we focused on business loans and payment services since.

By daringly fusing digital technology with a cost-efficiency-based strategy, we can help our partners save time and effort.

We are developing a distinctive brand of business banking that is quick, easy, and geared toward your success.

Mano Bank – for business, yet personal: accounts, payments, financing.

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