2023 November 28

The loan portfolio of Mano Bankas reached 94.3 million euro

The net profit increased by 146 percent and amounted to 3.2 million eur.

2023 November 15

Mano Bank has reinforced its Board with two new members

Two new members joined the Board of Mano Bank - Giedrė Blazgienė, CEO and Andrius Popovas, CRO..

2023 October 26

Working hours and bank transfers on 1-2 November

On 1-2 November the payments will be performed as usual.

2023 August 16

Processing payments to Ukraine

Payments related to the occupied regions of Ukraine will not be processed.

2023 August 03

"Mano bankas" assets grew by a third in the first half of 2023

AB 'Mano bankas' witnessed remarkable growth in its assets, reaching 217 million EUR.

2023 July 04

Changes in Service Fees for Private and Business Clients

As the range of services we offer expands, we are updating the fees for some of our services.

2023 May 17

UN carbon offset certificate

Mano Bank is striving to reduce calculated CO2e emissions.

2023 April 14

Loan portfolio of Mano Bank grew by 77% last year

The loan portfolio of Mano Bank reached 89.13 million euro - 77 percent more than in 2021.

2023 March 20

Mano Bank becomes a sponsor of the Ancient Woods Foundation

Mano Bank signs an annual sponsorship agreement.

2023 March 12

The banks are moving to an updated payment system

Updating of TARGET2 system is controlled by the European Central Bank.

2023 February 14

Working hours and bank transfers on 16 February

On the 16th of February all the payments will be performed as usual.

2022 December 22

May your Christmas be cosy and year 2023 peaceful!

We would like to express our gratitude for your trust and staying together.

2022 November 10

Mano bankas increased its loan portfolio by 95% in Q3 2022

In the first three quarters of 2022, Mano bankas earned a profit of EUR 1.3 million.

2022 October 27

Working hours and bank transfers on 1-2 November

On 1-2 November all the payments will be performed as usual.

2022 October 26

Mano Bankas is strengthening Anti-Money Laundering control

In October-November 2021, the Bank of Lithuania (BoL) carried out a scheduled inspection of Mano Bankas.

2022 October 24

Giedrė Blazgienė appointed CEO of Mano bankas

Giedrė Blazgienė has been appointed to head Mano bankas, Lithuania's first specialised bank.

2022 October 19

EIF and Mano Bankas sign agreement under InvestEU

EIF and Mano Bankas sign agreement under InvestEU to guarantee more than €40 million in new loans for SMEs.

2022 August 12

Working hours and bank transfers on the 15th of August

On 15 August all payments will be performed a usually.

2022 July 26 presents the Application Programming Interface (API) offers an opportunity for business clients to make payments using API.

2022 July 04

Working hours and bank transfers during the Statehood Day

On 6 July all the payments will be performed as usually.

2022 June 23

Working hours and bank transfers during the St. John’s Day

On 24 June all payments will be performed a usually.

2022 March 28

Regarding commissions paid during 2021 report

The possibility to order a report on your commissions paid during 2021 using your account [...]

2022 March 22

Impact of new sanctions on AB Mano bankas customers

AB Mano Bankas informs that as of March 1, 2022, it will not make any payments [...]

2022 January 06

Cooperation with the EIF

Mano Bankas has been cooperating with the European Investment Fund (EIF) since 2021.

2020 November 05

Can my business get a loan?

Frequently asked questions.

2020 August 27

Term deposits now available online

New and existing clients can now easily apply for a term deposit online.

2020 August 14

Opening an accumulative bank account for your company

Thinking of starting a company in Lithuania?

2020 July 09

Franchise financing opportunities

Another successful partnership.

2020 June 17

Make global payments online

New feature for business account users - global payments in 11 new currencies

2020 May 21

INVEGA's assistance for businesses affected by Covid-19

All you need to know about INVEGA's “Portfolio Guarantees for Loans 2”

2020 April 24

Soft loans with INVEGA state guarantee

We signed an agreement with INVEGA for implementing the government’s measures aimed at helping business affected by COVID-19

2020 April 06

Make euro payments worldwide customers can now make and receive euro payments worldwide

2020 April 02

Online bank account for businesses has arrived!

Businesses can now open a bank account at online

2020 March 27

Together we stand

Now, more than ever, sticking together will help us to overcome all the life’s challenges and create new opportunities

2020 March 16

Work as usual

Due to increased risk by COVID-19, we kindly ask you to inform us about your visit in advance

2019 August 12

What hides behind a 0% interest consumer loan?

Consumer loan with 0% interest simply does not exist

2019 August 08

Reasons why we can't grant a consumer loan

Knowing most common reasons will help you evaluate your situation

2019 July 22

Secrets about holiday loans

Things you never knew about holiday loans

2019 January 03

„Mano unija“ became „Mano bankas“

It's official. We restructured into a bank

2018 October 08

We received a specialised bank license

The first specialised bank in the EU