Opening an accumulative bank account for your company

2020 August 14

Opening an accumulative bank account for your company

Thinking of starting a company in Lithuania? Setting up a business in Lithuania is swift, simple and stress-free. You can set up your new private limited liability company electronically in just a few days, provided all the required documents are in order. 

In order to set up your company in Lithuania, you will first need an accumulative bank account, which you can open online at here:

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What is an accumulative bank account?

An accumulative bank account is required to establish a private limited liability company in Lithuania. The account is only used for depositing the share capital or increasing the share capital of already established companies.

No payments can be made from this account. After the registration of a legal entity, we will convert the accumulative bank account into a settlement account (a separate agreement will be needed for the conversion). 

How to open an accumulative bank account?

You can open an accumulative account in and deposit the share capital electronically:

1. Draw up the articles of association of the company. If the founder of the company is a single person, draw up the act of establishment of the company.

2. Register a temporary company name at the State Enterprise Centre of Registers at (optional).

3. Submit your application at, using certified e-signature: