Cooperation with the EIF

2022 January 06

Cooperation with the EIF

Mano Bankas, a Lithuanian specialised bank, has been cooperating with the European Investment Fund (EIF) since 2021.

On 15 October, 2021 Mano Bankas has signed a portfolio guarantee agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF) in the context of the Pan-European Guarantee Fund (EGF), one of the EU-emergency measures agreed last year to help European workers and businesses.

The Pan-European Guarantee Fund (EGF) was created by the European Investment Bank Group (EIB & EIF) and EU Member States as a Community response to the then new COVID-19 pandemic. It aims to increase access to credit for businesses in the wake of the economic effects of lockdowns and restrictions to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.Thanks to the guarantee, Mano Bankas made available €50 million in new, more advantageous, lending to Mano Bankas customers.

With the agreement between the EIF and Mano Bankas signed on 18 October, 2022 in Luxembourg, the EIF will provide guarantees for loans under two key policy areas. The sustainability guarantee will support more than €25 million of new debt financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to contribute to Europe’s green transition. Projects to make services, products and infrastructure more accessible for people with disabilities are also eligible for these investments. A further €15 million of loans under the SME competitiveness guarantee will support small businesses that were negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and have managed to stabilise their operations but need additional financing to refinance debt, strengthen working capital reserves and/or further invest in ongoing projects.

Cooperation with the EIF allows Mano Bankas to contribute to supporting innovation, strengthening competitiveness and promoting job creation and economic growth in Lithuania. "InvestEU" supports much-needed finance for businesses, innovation and infrastructure, and this programme helps accelerate green and sustainable transformation.

Companies benefiting from EIF-guaranteed loans

Company name Contract date Contract amount, Eur Loan purpose
"EXPRESS PRO T68" 2022-04-20 1230600 Financing of the Tunnel car wash complex
"Orner" 2022-01-27 2209100 Working capital financed (Real estate development)
"RASKO" 2022-12-30 200000 For property renovation work
"Akordas" 2022-01-26 220000 Acquisition of premises
"Legio baltica" 2021-11-12 150000 For the refinancing of liabilities and working capital financing
UAB "Mo Garden 1" 2022-05-02 3000000 Investment in residential development
"Integre Trans" 2022-04-11 2500000 Working capital financed (freight transport)
"Lini namai" 2021-12-21 2932680 For refinancing liabilities, acquiring real estate and developing a housing estate
"Teratus" 2022-03-28 3000000 Acquisition of immovable property (a plot of land for the development of a residential complex) and replenishment of working capital
"NT draudimo grupė" 2022-05-18 2720000 For refinancing of liabilities and investments in a subsidiary
"Rinvest" 2021-11-03 3000000 Working capital financed (Real estate development)
"Wooden Windows" 2021-12-09 893450 For the refinancing of liabilities and financing of working capital (Manufacture of wooden windows and doors)
"Kimitus" 2021-12-22 2320000 For refinancing liabilities
"Baltijos autonuoma" 2022-03-29 3000000 Working capital financed
"Sobeta" 2022-01-18 964000 Acquisition of photovoltaic solar power plants and plots
"Kasabas" 2022-06-30 900000 Acquisition of real estate
"Iskarijotas" 2022-07-22 1800000
Working capital financed (business activity - trading of solar power plant components)
"REWO" 2021-11-30 1152900 Acquisition of a plot of land for the development of a residential complex
GO TENNIS 2022-06-14 2518470
Construction and equipping of a sports complex
UAB Gerovės kapitalas 2021-12-03 1280000 Acquisition of a plot of land for the development of a residential house
"Wooden Windows" 2022-02-15 1250000
For the acquisition, repair and equipment of a manufacturing base for doors
"Gobelita" 2022-03-01 3000000 Acquisition of land for the development of a residential project
Litelektra 2021-12-29 1069200 For the acquisition of wind power plants
"REWO" 2021-11-30 1847100 For refinancing liabilities
"Lemanita" 2022-09-30 200000 Working capital financed (Real estate development)
"Mircon" 2021-12-29 1442500 For the development of a residential housing estate
"RASKO" 2022-06-02 2200000 Acquisition of real estate
"Gerota" 2022-03-07 3000000 Acquisition of a plot of land for the development of a residential project