Term deposits now available online

2020 August 27

Term deposits now available online

We are delighted to introduce a new service at mano.bank - private and business clients can now set up and conveniently manage term deposits online. It doesn't matter if you already have an account with us or just looking for opportunities to save with higher interest rates. We offer one of the highest interest rates on term deposits in the banking sector and now you don’t even need to visit a bank branch to take advantage of this opportunity. Apply for a term deposit today and sign the contract online on the same or next business day


Term deposits at mano.bank

No matter how much you earn, it is advisable to safely invest part of your income at interest. Smart saving will help ensure your financial security, which is an important life quality factor.

By accumulating money in your bank account or cash, you lose a portion of your savings each year due to rising inflation, so it’s important to protect your money from long-term depreciation. Term deposits with a bank also protect your savings from the risk of losing them - it is the safest way to invest.

For businesses, a term deposit provides a great low-risk investment tool to help increase cash flow and guarantee the security of capital.

Currently, mano.bank offers one of the highest interest rates in the bank term deposit market. Find out what maximum interest you can get for a term of your choice: business or private clients.


New mano.bank clients - make a term deposit without leaving your home

Setting up your term deposit at mano.bank is simple and fast - we value your time. All you need is a qualified mobile signature and access to the internet.

1. Select the client type (company or private) and the deposit type: https://account.mano.bank/en

2. Create a secure account to submit your application data.

3. Fill in the questionnaire.

4. Verify your identity remotely.

5. Submit your term deposit application.

6. For companies only: attach the required documents.

7. Sign the agreement!

By signing a term deposit agreement, we will open a current bank account mano.bank, which you can also use to make free transfers in the eurozone.


Term deposit insurance

Deposits of mano.bank clients are insured in accordance with the terms and conditions of SE "Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas". Detailed information on deposit insurance terms and conditions, when deposits are not insured and restrictions on the payment of deposit insurance benefits are applied, is available on the website of SE "Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas".