Consumer loans

Vartojimo paskola |
  • Consumer loan online*

  • €500 to €25 000

  • Return in 3 to 84 months

  • Interest from 9%

  • Choose where to spend, no reporting required

  • Fixed monthly payments

  • No collateral or insurance required

  • Option to repay early with no charges

*term depends on the purpose of the loan and company's revenue

mano.paskola - consumer loans online

If you are not a customer of a bank, it is practically impossible to get a consumer loan online. Only very few licensed banks offer consumer loans online.
We decided to change that and built mano.paskola - an automated platform for consumer loans online. From application to identification and signing loan contracts - you can complete the full process online* and receive money in your bank account within 3 hours**.

*provided you have Lithuanian mobile signature or Smart-ID
**on business days between 8am and 5pm.

Multipurpose unsecured loan

Life is full of big dreams and unexpected circumstances. Consumer loan at mano.paskola can be the little extra you need to fulfil your plans. From a new bike or a car to a wedding, new furniture or an exotic trip - lack of finance should not stop you from achieving your goals. At mano.paskola choose from general consumer loan, car financing, student loan, home improvement loan or a loan for holidays - a consumer loan is yours to do whatever you please. No reporting required.

3 ways to sign a contract

Choose the most convenient way to sign contracts:

  • Mobile signature or Smart-ID allows you to sign contracts in no time without leaving the comfort of your home,
  • Post currier will arrive at a convenient time to a convenient place. It will take 48 hours after signing of contract to process the pay out,
  • Visit us in Vilnius and sign a contract when suites you best. We will process the pay out on the next working day.

Online consumer loan is currently available in Lithuania only

Consumer loan makes sense only if it is balanced

If you can borrow, it doesn't mean you should. Answer the following questions to determine if consumer loan is the right choice for you:

  • How urgently do I need to buy this?
  • Is the value of what I am purchasing greater than the interest I will have to pay?
  • Can I afford monthly instalments without considerable effect on my wellbeing?
  • Are my circumstances likely to change?

If you answer these questions and think that consumer loan is the right choice, we want to help with the next steps.